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    Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Human Resource Development for Health Research (HRD)


The Human Resource Development Scheme of Department of Health Research is intended to create a pool of talented health research personnel in the country by upgrading skills of faculty of Medical Colleges/Institutes, mid - career Scientists, medical students, etc., by specialized training in priority areas of health research in leading national and international institutions, encourage and support the trainees to develop and take up research projects for addressing critical national and local health problems and financial assistance to Institutions for up- gradation of infrastructure to enable such Institutions to provide training with state of the art technologies.

The scheme was approved during 12th Five Year Plan period with following objectives.


  1. To increase the overall availability of trained personnel for health research from medical colleges across the country through scholarships, fellowships and career advancement scheme etc. for faculty and young medical doctors and other scientists to take up medical and health research as a career.

  2. To focus on the creation of a cadre of trained medical/health researchers in specific identified priority areas of health research viz., Clinical Trials; Toxicology; Good Clinical Practices (GCP); Good Laboratory Practices (GLP); Quality Control (QC) & QA; Genomics; Proteomics; Clinical Psychology, Geriatrics; Modern Biology; Biotechnology; Stem cells; Genetics; Drugs chemistry; and operational research etc.

  3. To create, support, nurture and encourage the trainees from these medical colleges to forge linkages with other scientists from universities, research institutes etc. to develop multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral teams necessary for addressing critical national and local health problems.

  4. To establish suitable online teaching and learning facilities to facilitate training in health research in various subjects in a more effective manner and for promoting biomedical/health research.


  1. Long Term/Short Term Fellowship for training in Indian Institutes

  2. Long Term/Short Term Fellowship for training in Foreign Institutes

  3. Start-up grant for fellows undergone long term/short term training supported by DHR

  4. Fellowship Programme for Young Scientists

  5. Fellowship Programme for Women Scientists

  6. Support to Institute for imparting training

  7. Strengthening of research through the establishment of online courses and web-portal on health research for students, faculty and other researchers

  8. Research grant and fellowship to encourage Health Research Personnel [Non-resident Indian (NRI), Persons of Indian Origin (PIO), Overseas Citizen of India (OCI)] serving abroad, to come back to India for undertaking research in identified areas


Formats are available under HRD link in Download Section

Concerned Officer dealing with HRD Scheme (Scientific)

S.No Name Designation Email ID Contact No.
1. Mohan Lal Deputy Secretary mohan[dot]lal15[at]nic[dot]in 011-23736085
2. H. C. Mondal Under Secretary harish[dot]cmondal[at]gov[dot]in 8274952004
3. Dr. Sanchita Singh Scientist-D hrddhr21[at]gmail[dot]com 011-23736085
4. Upendra Singh Scientist C upendra[dot]mohfw[at]gmail[dot]com
5. Dr. Ranjeeta Mourya Scientist C drranjeeta[dot]mourya[at]gmail[dot]com

Concerned Officer dealing with HRD Scheme (Administration)

S.No Name Designation Email ID Contact No.
1. Sushil Kumar Raturi AO admnofficer[dot]hrd[at]gmail[dot]com 8743836184
2. Benoy Chaudhary Project Manager benoy10[at]gmail[dot]com 9315145615